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Eyebrows and lashes are something that can make or break your look. With well-groomed eyebrows and lash tints or extensions, you need only the most basic makeup routine to look polished at Dermaesthetics Clinic.

Getting your eyebrows perfect is an art that takes skill and experience, so it pays to go to someone who knows what they’re doing. Whether you’re in need of brow threading, waxing or tinting; or lash curling, dyeing, or extensions, Dermaesthetics Clinic is a one stop solution for all your beauty needs.

What is brow and lash tinting?
Lash tinting is a gentle dyeing treatment for your eyelashes. Unlike a lash lift or lash extensions, you won’t get any extra volume. You will, however, get a darker, semi-permanent colouring to improve the look of your lashes. Eyebrow tinting, much like lash tinting, is the careful dyeing of your eyebrows. This is particularly suited to you if you have sparse brows or lighter brows, as the treatment will give you a much more defined pair of brows in the end.

What methods of brow shaping do you use?
There are three main methods of eyebrow shaping that our Sparistas may use:
- Waxing – waxing uses wax strips with swift, clear motions to minimise discomfort and is followed by a soothing cream afterwards.
- Tweezing – tweezing, as you might expect, relies on tweezers to carefully remove individual hairs.

How long does a treatment at home take?
Applying the tint to your eyelashes and brows is quick and easy. It takes as little as ten minutes once the dye has been applied. All in all, your entire treatment including brow shaping, will take 30-45mins, depending on initial consultation