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Discover the unique benefits of Mesotherapy at Dermaesthetics Clinic. This non-surgical treatment benefits a variety of conditions using painless micro-injections to restore the skin and tissues, giving you longlasting effects in just a few short sessions.

About Non-invasive mesotherapy

Non-invasive mesotherapy is a comprehensive alternative to traditional mesotherapy where an active substance is added to the subcutaneous tissue through several micro needle punctures, instead of injecting it.

What is non-invasive mesotherapy?

During non-invasive mesotherapy, active substances (different gel types) are inserted in the tissue using various methods.

  • laser technology
  • electric impulses
  • special meso modules
  • micro needling (derma-pen, skin-pen, rollers and similar)

The treatment has a comfortable relaxing effect, and afterwards the client experiences feelings similar to those following a good massage.

The client feels both fresh and relaxed, because the blood circulation is stimulated and oxygen and nutrients have been transported to their cells. They  literally feel like their energy levels have been restored. 

Does Mesotherapy hurt: 

Non-invasive mesotherapy is an effective and painless method for treating stretch marks, wrinkles and for firming the skin.


In the years since Mesotherapy was used to relieve pain, it has gained more momentum as a non-surgical treatment for:

• Removing excess fat from the body
• Reducing Cellulite
• Hair re-growth/alopecia
• Face and neck and body rejuvenation/mesolifing
• Body sculpting
• Tightening Loose skin
• Lightening Pigmentation skin

Mesotherapy works by injecting a unique blend of vitamins directly into the top layer of the skin. After a series of microinjections, the skin tone and texture start to improve. It allows the skin to rejuvenate and correct underlying issues such as poor circulation and skin damage.

They contain either pure hyaluronic acid or are a combination of hyaluronic acid, active substances such as vitamins, natural extracts, coenzymes, amino acids, mineral and salts. This cocktail of vitamins, among other ingredients, is used to rejuvenate, nourish and tighten the skin.

You will need at least 2-4 Mesotherapy treatments, spaced at least two weeks apart. Your therapist will, however, give you an indication at your first consultation.

You may get slight bruising. Any potential bruising is minimised using our technique.

By injecting hyaluronic acid and other unique formulations of vitamins into the dermis, you will notice that your skin tone and texture will improve, and your skin will look and feel hydrated.

The consultation is essential for treating your skin condition and for us to learn about your history. It also helps us create a plan of action for you.

You would need to start with three treatments once every two weeks; then you’ll begin to notice a difference. You’ll see an overall improvement in skin rejuvenation, however the effects of the therapy may vary. In any case, your body will develop collagen and elastin over time. Once you’ve had your first series of micro-injections, the effect will have to be maintained. Talk to our therapists at your initial consultation.

After the initial consultation, a bespoke treatment plan will be outlined just for you. The average recommendation for maintenance treatments is usually one to two sessions every 3-4 months.

No! There is no “down-time”. People return to their daily routine immediately following their Mesotherapy treatment. The treatment is also adaptable, efficient and safe to use. You may, however, develop slight bruising, which can be covered up with makeup.